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1. easy breathing

The special shape facilitates easy breathing and reduces the build-up moisture on your face

2. high comfort

Our masks are soft and comfortable to wear. The stable form prevents pressure on mouth and nose.

3. thinking sustainably

Our face masks are reusable due to easy cleaning and filter change. Furthermore, they are sustainable, recyclable and made in Germany.

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Do face masks absolutely have to be disposable?

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PROVIDEE: Innovative products, fair prices and made in Germany

Already at the beginning of the corona pandemic all indication were that there might be a shortage of protective equipment and face masks in Germany, as in nearly all other countries in the world. At the same time we saw a huge mountain of waste coming towards us because of the disposable protective equipment. Our approach: If everyone does what he is good in, we will also master the Corona crisis. And we at PROVIDEE are good in developing creative solutions and in producing high-quality plastic parts.