Face mask for pregnant women: up to the delivery room

For me as a pregnant woman, it was already natural for me to go to the doctor or midwife with mouth and nose protection, even without the duty to wear face masks. At the beginning, I started with a self-stitched mask or a disposable version. At the longest after a few minutes I noticed that it was difficult to breathe and yet it was a cramped feeling. With the PROVIDEE face mask it is a completely different feeling. In spite of its massive appearance the cover for mouth and nose is very light and soft and very comfortable to wear. Even after wearing it for five hours I could still get air well, because the material is not pulled to the nose while breathing, but stays in shape by far.

As a headache patient I also often have problems when a rubber band is attached to the head or ears. But because of the comfortable to wear material of the PROVIDEE face mask, the cover fits perfectly to the shape of your face and sticks to your skin. Therefore, the fastening of the rubber band in the neck was enough for me and I could do without the fastening at the back of the head and behind the ears, which will certainly be helpful during a later visit to the hairdresser.

Conclusion: For me as a pregnant woman, the PROVIDEE face mask is a real relief, also with regard to the upcoming birth. Because even in the delivery room, the obligation to wear a mouthguard applies to expectant fathers and mothers.

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