Face masks for the return to the office

During the Corona pandemic, we almost completely converted our business operations to home office. The requirements for regular web meetings with each other and with customers as well as digital access to all company data were already established in our company anyway, so the changeover was quite easy to implement. Our CAD courses, which are usually held as classroom training, are also currently held as online sessions.

The health of our employees is an important concern for us. We have provided sufficient disinfectant and each employee with two PROVIDEE face masks.

The uncomplicated handling and sustainability of the PROVIDEE face mask were particularly convincing. The face masks can be easily washed in the dishwasher and reused many times, only the filter insert needs to be replaced. We have provided tightly woven cotton cloths and fleece inserts as filter media. This allows each employee to choose what he or she feels most comfortable with.

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