the PROVIDEE face mask - also suitable for patients with oxygen masks

Claudia Wieland | COPD Patient

I have tested the PROVIDEE face mask and a plus is the easy cleaning and also the spacious inside.

I'm a COPD patient and I need oxygen, so an important point for me was that my nasal cannula has enough space and the mask is still tight. It is noticeable that I can breathe better with it, which is difficult with the community masks, because the fleece or fabric is constantly sticking to my mouth and nose, which is not the case with the PROVIDEE face mask...

Thank you very much for letting me test the PROVIDEE face mask. After some initial reservations, it is now my constant companion, because it is indestructible and damp inner workings can be replaced without any problems.

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Hallo bin gärtnerin beim amt.krieg schon mit den Stoffteilen kaum Luft.klebt die nicht bei 30grad Hitze wo ich noch arbeite ? Mfg

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