Fitness workout with face mask

We used the time of closing to give our studio a spring makeover with brush and paint, as well as to set up some new cardio equipment.

 Now we are looking forward to the reopening and training with our members. Starting on 8.6., Bavaria will also be ready for the next season. We assume, however, that it will also be obligatory for us to wear masks and have a hygiene concept.

That's why I was looking for a mask that you can wear well even under training load.

   I tested the PROVIDEE face mask myself during an intensive training and was really positively surprised. The face mask is soft and very comfortable to wear. In the course of the training the fleece inlay naturally became a little moist due to the air we breathed. However, due to the distance between the fleece insert and my face, this was practically not noticeable. Breathing is also hardly restricted under stress.

Therefore I will offer the PROVIDEE face mask to the members of my gym for sale.

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